Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Reflections on a World of Thought

The Astral is a world of thought. We construct what we have and realise what we possess by our thoughts. Our thoughts produce things.

Everything we see is a reflection of our thoughts. Every object is a consequence of our thoughts, made manifest in form and each means something. In the Astral, we learn to distinguish what is best to bring out in the objective, for thoughts are things real—good or bad—according to the power we give them. They manifest themselves in many formsthey are our thoughts merely expressed in forms. We expect to see a room and we do. When we think of the room's furnishings, our thoughts form the kind of setting we likefurnishings to which we were accustomed in our physical life. Suppose you had been thrust from the physical body of the material into the astral and at that time had been living in cramped circumstances. When you came to the Astral, your thought would not have changed and immediately when you had overcome darkness and weakness, your mind would reach out and bring forth forms of your earthly existence. You would see again around you the furnishings and thought pictures of your earthly life. We bring from the earth plane, when we come here, our every thought of the material. Some are so filled with these thoughts that they believe for a long time that they are existing as they did upon the earth plane. 

Each way is a different lesson

All paths lead to the one God, one Life. God is the Teacher and we are His pupils but all in different classes in life and although we take many ways, each way is a different lesson. When the lessons are learned, we all go down the same path to our Teacher, God. He will judge our lessons, for God is Love and Life.

Dissolve all bad conditions

Good thoughts bring harmony and bad thoughts bring discord. By continued right thinking, one may dissolve all bad conditions around and about him.

The Ring of Eternity

There is no death; only that life which lasts forever through all stages of development, that life which goes on—on into eternity. We live on forever and that which we leave behind, which we think is us is not. It is just a reflection of our soul, a temple our thought has built. No structure can remain always; only the thought of us exists and God conceived that idea. We are His children. You are His child. The real thought of you lives on forever, a good thought, for a glowing light surrounds all God's works. All is within the everlasting circle, which has no beginning and no end.

Lord God, I trust Thee

Lord God, I trust Thee. Thou knowest best.

Trust in the All-Divine

Trust in the All-Divine.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Story of the Tree (for Children)

A long time ago, there lived a Tree in a forest;

Its branches were stunted and gnarled, 

And all its leaves malformed and jagged. 

And the Tree said, 

“Why is this, 

Surely the One that planted me ought to have known better. 

I am of no good to man or beast.”

At that moment, a woodman came into the forest,

And passing by all the goodly, well-shaped trees, saying, 

“They will not serve my purpose,”

—came where the ragged, old Tree lifted up its misshapen branches to the sun.

Said he, “Why this is the very thing; this will serve my purpose well.” 

With that, he called his fellows and cut it down. 

Lo! when it had been sawn into pieces,  

The most gorgeous veins of beauty were found running through its heart, 

And the tracing was lovelier than any artist could have fashioned, 

And of it were made many beautiful articles of use 

And ornament for the King’s Palace.


© 2016 Luisa Rodrigues. All rights reserved.

Strive to light the way

Do not judge too harshly, for who knows it is not the truth? We are all put on Earth to learn lessons, to become more advanced. If we hope for the best, we must do our best in the school of life before we really accomplish. If we do not try, we shall have to do over and over again the lessons before we may advance into the next class in life. Some seemingly slide by, but there comes a time when the All-seeing Marker checks up, and man has to do over again that which he did not do right. 

Do not judge your fellow man, for if there is need to judge, judge yourself, and by that, you will help and not hinder him. Each one has to strive to progress the same as you or me, and if you can make his life easier, help him on his way; he will learn his lesson and pass the tests with a smile. For it makes one feel better to know there is someone who cares if he finds his way. Encouragement and kindness are great things in life. They lead up and not down; they light the path more clearly, for, remember, we are all on the same path; we are all striving or, at least, inwardly hoping to reach the eternal goal, which is everlasting life and truth. Therefore, help and do not hinder; smile and do not frown; give and do not wonder what you will receive in return. Strive to light the way. Think of your fellow man, for he is your brother and God loves him as much as He loves you. Therefore, reflect that love within, cheer and be kind to everyone, for who knows, perhaps, in the end, it will come back more than a hundredfold.

The Spirit of Kitchener*

*The Message—Lord Kitchener Lives (received by Ala Mana), Volume I, Grafton Publishing Corporation, California, 1922 

Thursday, 22 September 2016


There is little that we can learn about the spheres beyond the first one. 

After the rest and strengthening of the first unity sphere, the spirit passes into one of the duality and there conflict begins again on a higher plane. Those sides of his nature which have been dormant are now quickened into new life and the spirit struggles to manifest himself more perfectly in all ways where he has been deficient. Then, greatly strengthened and enlarged, he passes into the Sphere of Action. He then becomes the Creator rather than the creature; more resembling the Lord God, which the old Hebrews worshipped but without the blemishes and limitations they imputed to their ideal Creator.

The next conflict sphere is too remote for us to clearly comprehend. Then comes, finally, the Unity in Peace, the highest which we can even faintly imagine. Here we must leave the spirit, for, without some body, some manifested form, he is to us incomprehensible.

Do not fear

Do not fear Life or Death, for both are the breath of the Divine. Fear neither loss nor gain, for the gain shall be for your brother and the loss shall only lighten your burdens.

Do not fear the mysteries of life, for those mysteries are only the depths of your own being and the key to them all is Love.

Do not fear the thorns upon your pathway, for they only protect the blossoms of your heart.

Do not fear anguish, no conflict, for the cross is encircled with the crown of victory.

Fear nothing that enables you to understand and support your brethren but with your eyes ever fixed upon the Highest, press forward on the path of destiny until the outward becomes the inward and the discordant notes of nature blend in one great Amen.