Thursday, 9 November 2017

All is Well

All is well—well in the way God has purposed from the beginning, and well as only a Father could have conceived in love surpassing all imagination.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Fast in His care

He has us fast in His care.

Vale of Tears

How often do we exclaim at the drastic training and testing and trying of the physical will? We view it as punishment direct, and from our heart, the cry of despair goes up again and again that God should not defend us from the evil that assails us with so much ferocity.

During these trials of spiritual strength, we are heldheld in a most marvellous waythese great tests call to our side the Tender Saviour and the Father of mankind. During the contests with the evil forces, we fight, it is true, with the strength that remains, but the battlethe real conflictis between the Master and the destroyer, and because He is the Master it is only a question of time.

Literally and actually, we are held by Christ. Keep in your heart and mind, away down underneathall the rebellion, the bitterness and the sense of injustice; if even crushed down by these thoughts there remains just the wish to do better, the Saviour, out of the magnitude of His compassion and understanding, can do the rest.

If we allow that faint desire to be stamped out of being then God, even though He be God, cannot work directly against the independence of the individualand the evil, for the time being, gains the upper hand.

Yet, even so, do not think that this spells defeat. Always the still small voice of the Spirit goes on entreating, beseeching, urging that we should try and think one thought of holiness. And holiness can be brought out even by that faint thought of Godthe merest wish that He should intervene—holiness, which seems so far awayholiness is able to show itself in that fraction of desire because it is of the Spirit itself.

Take in something of the comfort which lies underneath the Name of Christ.

Rising above that insistent clamour, there is the clarion voice of the Spirit which gives the Lie DirectI am Love and I am here to save! cries the Master. If only the suffering could take this in. If only those who are forced to watch the suffering of others could listenlisten to the voice of Peace which is everywhere, even in our world of conflict and strife. If only we could listen to the Spirit, troubles and sorrows would be halved and God would be enabled by our faith to show what Love is like.

God's Love is stronger than all, and His power is able to work through even the deepest, the broadest and the highest bulwark of evil, but it takes time when we throw our strength on to the wrong side. We are not able to frustrate good, but we can hamper it in a way that causes us sorrow because in so doing we have one more ring to our path and each time we turn to the shadows and away from this Guardian and rightful Companion, Christ, so a further ring is added which we must traverse before we can reach the Centre, which is SpiritDivinity Itself.

Understand that however large the ring may be that we are on, we are under the direct eye of our Creator, who is ableat any momentto stretch forth His Hand across the intervening space and lift us out of danger.

Each ring, long and wearying as its journey may be, slowlythough imperceptibly to usbrings us nearer to the Centre, and as we reach certain portions memory catches up the echo of what the past has held. And again, in regard to certain tests, where perhaps the vessel was not sufficiently strong, that echo is turned into actual experience. Nothing is learnt over twice, but those parts which were not quite taken in at the first instance have to be gone over againand thus it is that experiences are repeated, but as the years go on the memory of the anguish grows less and less and we are farther away from that which was, but remember that there is no part of the journey which does not hold something which links us to God, and whichat some future stagewill not be used to bind  us to Him.

As we go on the weary roundand as we pass on those rounds, gradually, yet certainly, we are getting nearer to the one great Goalthe Light of Light. And each ring so traversed brings us just that degree closer to the rays of the Light, and with the pilgrim who loves the Saviour, it is surprising how soon the dark stages are oversurprising how quickly we can get under the direct rays of the Sun of God, when darkness is no more and sorrow falls from us, for our eyes are fixed upon Love Itself.

However long the spiral road or the circles of experience, the drawing power of the Spirit urges us on. With the spiral staircase, it seems at times that God is lost from view and it is more helpful if we visualise God in the centreall-Seeing, all-Knowing, all-Wise, and we travelling ever round Him, always in touch with Him, and He always having us under His care, no blocks in between, no portions of the road when the vision is obliterated, and even in our times of sorrow or temptation, there the Father stands—we are under His immediate and personal care, and instantly we look to Him, the power comes.

Think of God as our Father, as the Light of the world, as the Power that is drawing all humanity to Him, and we travellingseparated only by conditions of holiness and of experiencebut always in direct and open communion with Him and He with us.

And never forget thisThat although it is impossible for an inexperienced soul to cross the circlesinstead of going around themyet God does that to us all and to the weakest and the frailest, again and again. We cannot approach His Godhead, but by His Fatherhood, He is ever by our sides.

It is a wonderful thought—we shall never know how wonderful until we are free from the body and see the rings that we have traversed, and the protection all along the wayprotection in myriad forms because the Mind of the Greatest Protector of all is unlimited in thought and in Love.

Zodiac’s Teachings

In that Time of Trial

In that time of trial, Christ is literally holding us up, and the fact that we do not feel Him, only make Him cling to us all the closer.

Without His Knowledge

No sparrow falls to the ground without the knowledge of its creator.

A Very Big Mind Indeed

This is the contrast I want to leave on your minds tonightThat God is so mighty, so stupendously powerful, so unthinkably holyyet only because He is all this, is He able to enter into the pangs and the lives of the most insignificant of His creation.

Don't you see that it takes a big minda very big mind indeedto understand in entirety, the workings of the most limited in this respect?

Zodiac’s Teachings

A Million, Million Things

The greatest Mind of all finds no difficulty in thinking of a million things at once—a million, million things at once.

The Greatest Mind

The greatest Mind of all finds no difficulty in thinking of a million things at oncea million, million things at once.

It is better soit is better that we should hand over our lives into the care of the One who understands everything, who is not distracted by this or by that, who is concentrating on the one thingthe greatest thing of allthe raising up of humanity and the freedom of the individual soul from self.

It is far better to leave these things to the Infinite Mind because we know that the Infinite Mind represents Infinite Love as well. It should not be hardnot too hard

Lay your life before Him and say with your heart and mind—

Do with me what Thou wilt; in Thy Hands, I am safe from all adversity!

Into God's Perfect Day

I want you to remember that the day will break, and the shadows fly away at any moment when you can find within yourself that real earnest desire to contact with your Maker. It is not easy, but even the first trying brings you into better conditions at once. Later on, instinctively, you will turn to Christ as the most natural thing to do when the first tiny shade overcasts the sun which is shining on your lives now and always.

Remembertry to remember next time, that these experiences are nothing more than an eclipse of the sun, which means that for a tiny period out of the long existence of your spiritfor this speck of timesomething has forced itself between you and your Creator, and lo, even as you recognise the fact, the shade will pass and it will be day againday with its blue skies, its many beauties, its safety, and its companionship. It is the daytime of the spirit, and as that spirit grows, so more and more will it be able to lengthen that daytime until at last night will be no more.

Into God's perfect daywhich means perfect understanding, perfect unity and perfect Love, forever and forever.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Love and Trust

The blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit means in literal fact that we are linked and fettered to the sweetest Companion we could imagine. Take in the love-side and let the power-side be submerged in the greatest of all. This is God's willThat being His children, His Father-heart cries out to us all to give in the measure that we canlove and trust.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Thy will be done

Thy will be done

Into Thy tender care, we commend ourselves, 

Knowing that Thou hast, out of Thy great knowledge, 

Provided just what the spirit within longs for most.

As children, we ask Thee to lead us and control us

 As children, trusting and confident

In our Father.

No Judgment

Life goes on forever; there is no judgment in the sense of judgment, no division of the sheep from the goatscasting one outside and gathering the other innothing of that.

The spirit of William Booth

Widen Your Borders

Widen your borders—get the God view more and more—from dust and ashes to the fruits of the Spirit in the Garden of the Lord.

When our need is greatest

When our need is greatest, Christ is nearest.

Under His Care

Don't let your heart be troubled ever again; seek for the Light and the Light will come. Pray for guidance, for directionand that will in a measure far exceed your need. Only have confidence in the Fatherhood of God, knowing that you are His child and that He has you under His care.

Actual, Literal Fact

Carry with you the thought regarding the enormous capacity of our Saviour for looking after the small things as well as the important ones in all our lives. So often, it seems to the physical mind that the multitude upon the face of the earth precludes the possibility of God looking after His own and those, who as yet, do not realise that they belong to Him. To the finite mind, it is indeed utterly inconceivable that it should be worked out in actual, literal factthat not one sparrow falls to the ground which is not noted and cared for by our Lord.

One Second of Time

Physical life is as one second of time out of the great immensity of Eternity. Suffering and trial and dark days—yes, but with the larger view, looking at things with the eyes of the spirit, isn't it worthwhile?

The Sun of God's Love

Behind the darkest cloud is the sun of God's Love.