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Torments After Death

Let mankind no more tremble, while on earth,
At threats of everlasting torments after death.


The following celestial revelation shows the exact state of progression through which spirits pass, through all the classes, legions, and orders—

Behold! let the present generation of man study well the things which are herein revealed, and tremble for their future state, for rest assured, that in whatever course their present life is spent, the period and condition of their sufferings hereafter will justly be in accordance therewith and on attaining to the second sphere of immortality, their period of happiness will vary in accordance with their past lives and on reaching the third sphere, or angelic orders of their several heavens, they will then be classified according to their material lives, remaining for a time mysteriously unoccupied, divested of their worldly names and appearances; so that, whatever class of sin they may have committed, they will be classed in legions or orders, according to the magnitude of the sins under their several heads; so that all shall continue the state of progression through this sphere, in accordance with the period of their continuation in the spheres below, until all have passed through the various classes, legions, and orders and, lastly, on reaching the first aerial order and first classes thereof, they shall pass from thence into another new sphere of existence and their period of passing from the seventh to the first order shall be regulated as follows—The viler, or worldly, or vulgar the life has been spent, the lower will be the class, legion, and order of the sphere to which each shall attain on passing from the regions of space. Such has been the state of the past generations, such also is the state of the present, and such will be the state of the future, on reaching this state of progress, from whence they are appointed as the worldly conductors of the human race, and the lengthier will be the period of existence of such person which the spirit from the lowest orders may have to conduct through life, such life being limited according to Divine will. When such person departs from mortal life, the spirit who conducts him will then reach a more refined class of spirits who inhabit a sphere of more refined nature, under the denomination or classification of such sin. Each person, under the control of one spirit, differs in the period of existence and in character until the spirit progresses to the first classes, of the first legions, of the first order, when they are sufficiently purified by this stage of progression to fit them for the celestial spheres. And, ye are commanded to make these revelations known, that mankind may no longer be kept in ignorance of the mighty mission which awaits them, far beyond the grave. And, that they may prepare themselves for the change, from mortal life to immortality, by adhering to the dictates of the spirit who prompts him to the good acts of his life, and who shows the errors and delusions of the evil promptings which are suggested to him. Thus, making their existence happier in mortal life, decreasing their sufferings after death, quickening their progress throughout all the spheres, and so hastening the period in which they will enter everlasting happiness and rest.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807

The Seven Angelic Aerial Orders

Author, J. G. H. Brown, A Message from the World of Spirits, describes the seven angelic aerial orders of the planets under the rule and power of Michael, First Ruler of the First Aerial Order of the Sun, and Governor of all the aerial spheres—

Dark as the deeds of mortal man appear,
Yet he fulfils the mission of his life;
The spirit who conducts him from this sphere 
Creates him tumult, sorrow, pain, and strife.


After the spirits have passed by progression through all the classes in the atmospheric regions through which they are conducted by the spirits under the rule of Corbynn, they then pass into the regions of space, or the second sphere of immortality, which is in like manner divided into compartments, and is under the rule of Orion and the spirits under him, and though the space is thus divided, yet the spirits appear to mingle indiscriminately together, and so dwell in perfect harmony, none knowing anything beyond the spheres they inhabit. The next sphere of spiritual existence beyond the regions of space is that of the angelic aerial spheres of the several planets, which consists of seven specific orders under the rule of a powerful spirit at the head of the first order. These are the seven angelic aerial orders of spirits, whose occupation consists in prompting the evil actions of the human race according to their various grades and stations.

Having given the assertions of spirits who inhabit the first and second spheres, and such spirits having been well-known in society whilst living, the author was again commanded to insert a revelation from a spirit who inhabits the third sphere, or the angelic aerial orders of the planets, and thus show to the world the state of existence after the spirits have passed by progression into that sphere. When the spirit appeared, he was attired in a loose blue and scarlet garment; his countenance bright and cheerful; his head bare; in one hand he held a kind of branch, and in the other he held a scroll, which was opened without hesitation, and displayed the following striking revelation—

I am Rossimeiel, of the fifth class, of the fourth legion, of the seventh aerial order, under the swift and solar orb of Mercury, or fourth heaven, and who, whilst living upon the earth, was well-known in the age in which I lived, on account of my political career, being then known as Lord William Russell, who departed from mortal life to immortality by suffering the full penalty of the law under the then reigning power, in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, on the 21st day of July, 1683, for a charge of conspiracy. After my death I experienced the same horrors as other spirits have described while passing through the atmospheric regions, in which I remained double the period of my material life; when I then passed to the regions of space, where I enjoyed happiness amongst old associates, some of whom I recognised as having been former enemies, but all angry feelings had subsided. As others have described this sphere, I am only commanded to declare my experience in the sphere I now inhabit. I continued in the regions of space, for a time I am unable to explain, until the period I emerged into this sphere, where I remained for a time unoccupied, without knowing by what means I left my last place of abode. At this juncture, which is now more than fifty-six of the present worldly years ago, my worldly name was discontinued, and I then received the name of Rossimeiel, which I, henceforth, have been commanded to acknowledge, and I was sent to the earth, invisible to all, to watch the emerge into life of an infant, who has since lived in a high sphere, and whose career has been chequered with successes and defeats, but whose life is now of short duration. Disgraceful incidents of frequent occurrence have marked his career, which accord with my own worldly life, and his days will end unenviable by all. When it occurs the full truth of these assertions will be proved by that circumstance. I have full knowledge of what transpires in the world below, and have full knowledge of all the actions of those who exist under the control of the spirits in my own sphere, but have no power to act, only by permission from the ruler of my order. So, in like manner, are the spirits who inhabit all the spheres conducted. Whatever acts are committed by the human race upon the earth the spirits in these spheres are aware of. For though these acts are evil and prompted by the spirits of this sphere, yet they are only permitted to prompt to a certain degree, as a higher spirit from the celestial abodes is always present, and his power exceeds the power of the spirits in my sphere. Nor are we permitted to thwart any act which the good spirit permits to be achieved, whether good or evil, for we receive our instructions from on high, and must conduct the human race accordingly. Nor can the ultimate end of our instructions be thwarted; thus showing to the world that mankind are utterly creatures of circumstances, according to their grades and stations in life. Therefore, worldly law is an abomination to Him who holdeth the destiny of all upon His powerful arms; nor were the laws enforced by His ordination; still men are aware of their existence, and it is to their advantage to keep them until He who sees their wrongs hears their cries, and witnesses the oppression of those who have placed themselves in power over them will raise His powerful arm to avenge His people, and crush that power to the dust. When all generations shall know that He is the Lord, and will henceforth dwell in peace and harmony with each other, without a fear of eternal punishment. But I am commanded to exhort all men to refrain from the follies and vices of life, and thus decrease the terrible punishment they will experience after death; decrease the period of their progress, and so, on emerging into the sphere I now inhabit, they may attain a higher class in the order to whatever planet they may belong. For though I have reached this sphere, and can recognise those who departed before and after me, yet I have left many in the sphere below me who departed years before me, whose worldly deeds were viler and more ambitious than my own.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807

Description of the Second Sphere

I am commanded from the skies 
These myst’ries to unfold
In vision, to a mortal's eyes,
That he may thus behold

The spirits of humanity,
Who have for ages flown,
From life to immortality,
Into a world unknown.

Oh! through ambition men are kept 
In ignorance so drear;
In which for ages they have slept 
In superstitious fear,

Of devils, hell, and wild torments 
In everlasting flame;
Which I’m commanded to denounce 
In God's eternal name.


When the vision first appeared, it showed author, J. G. H. Brown, A Message from the World of Spirits, the dark globular substance of the world we inhabit, around which are the atmospheric regions, into which the spirits emanate immediately after death, as before described, and which appears distinctly separated from the next sphere by a peculiar darkness, which extends for a distance, apparently all round, impossible to be described, as each distinction passed separately and individually in the vision before him until, at length, the boundary of darkness was passed, and perfect light was again displayed.

The author continues his description of the Second Sphere, the appearance and occupation of the spirits in the immense regions of space—

The darkness then bore the appearance of a blue misty atmosphere, the intensity of which it was impossible to penetrate with the eye. The present light which now displayed itself is called by the spirit Orion “The immense regions of space,” and which extends from the darkness through all the vast expanse of space, and is in like manner with the first sphere, divided into twelve compartments, which are under the immediate influence of the several planets, of which, however, seven are only here necessary to be described, as the spirits have declared that they are the only planets which have any influence upon this earth to any extent, sufficient for a knowledge thereof to be instructive to man, in regard to their existence in a future state.

The spirit Orion is a powerful angel from the Sun, and is executive to Michael, the first ruler and governor of all the aerial spheres, and chief ruler of the first aerial order of the Sun, as before named; Orion being the chief ruler over all the spirits in the immense regions of space, who are divided into orders under the name of the planet to which they belong. Under Orion are seventy-two other powerful spirits, whose power varies in accordance with the capacity of their station. These angels have been termed by ancient and modem authors the seventy-two cabalistic angels. Their power is derived from Orion, and they are superior angels to those under Corbynn in the atmospheric regions. As the spirits who inhabit the second sphere appear to endure no torment or sufferings, these seventy-two angels are occupied in conducting the spirits who inhabit their sphere through the various duties they have to perform; so many to each of the twelve planets, whose spheres extend around the whole regions of space. So it will be seen that there are the regions of space of the Sun, of the Moon, of Mars, of Mercury, of Jupiter, of Venus, and of Saturn, the other five will be hereafter explained; but in this sphere, as in the first sphere, there are only four planets to which the inhabitants of these portions of the world appear to belong, viz. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, which four only occupy one-third of the great circle. 

The vision next displayed to him a view of the spirits who inhabit it— 

At first sight it had the effect of creating in me a sensation which I cannot describe, for it had the appearance of some distant foreign land, the inhabitants of which were attired in every variety of costume, different to any which I have ever seen in the various countries I have visited. So impressed was I as to its being a portion of the world we inhabit, that had not the vision displayed the two worlds distinctly from each other, I should have doubted its reality; but there was the material world, dark, gloomy, and wrapt as it were, in fleeting fiery clouds, which appeared to leave its globular surface on every side in smoky coloured fiery columns, which had the effect of bewildering the mind in endeavouring to comprehend or understand its singular appearance. The second sphere of the spiritual world again showed itself in a brilliancy of light, which exceeds in appearance the sunniest and radiant of any of our eastern or southern climes. The spirits themselves bearing the exact appearance of material life in its happiest forms; their countenances bright and cheerful, bearing expressive smiles upon them; their attire varying in accordance with the age in which they lived. And they appear to mingle indiscriminately together, enjoying perfect harmony and love in the society of each other, amidst singing, music, dancing, and every other species of harmless recreation and enjoyment, and where they declare that every wish or desire is gratified without any physical effort, and though they are aware that everything about them, and even they themselves are immaterial or shadows of the reality, yet all appear to them material and of substantial substance, even as in mortal life, and where also they retain their earthly names, and converse with each other in freedom, without anger or ambition. And from whence they can visit the scenes of life, and are always conscious of what is transpiring in the material world below, with the sufferings of those in mortal life and those in immortality in the first sphere, through which they themselves have passed. This knowledge, together with the knowledge of a future state beyond the sphere which they inhabit, with the dread of experiencing the change which they are aware will take place, and that such change may be worse for their condition, they have declared are the only barriers to perfect happiness. Another important feature, which must prove a consolation to the inhabitants of the earth is that the spirits declare that each spirit has his own particular favourite enjoyments or amusements in greater perfection than it is possible to experience upon the earth, and that each of their companions is exactly in accordance with each other’s nature; so that perfect harmony is experienced by allso that male and female enjoy the society of each other in a manner which the human mind cannot comprehend.

Here the vision closed, and from its singular appearance, with the joyful features of the spirits themselves, one would have imagined that this sphere must have been the realms of glory, or the heaven to which all persons look forward with joyous anticipation. But, the author finds there is yet a further state of existence even beyond this sphere, which, the spirits have observed, they are all aware of, for none who dwell in the immense regions of space have power to reveal anything beyond it. Therefore, as further instruction, the celestial spirit directed him to enquire into the state of spiritual existence in the next sphere beyond the immense regions of space—

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807

Let charity, justice, and humanity be our guide

Let charity, justice, and humanity be our guide; then unity, love, and friendship will be the standard around which all men will rally, and rest assured that poverty, crime, and discontent will speedily vanish, and all men will joyfully and contentedly enjoy the fruits of their own labours, and live in harmony without desiring to infringe upon their neighbours rights; as all feelings of ambition will have passed into oblivion, without which oppression can no longer reign.

J. G. H. Brown, A Message from the World of Spirits

The Experience of the Second Sphere

In a Message from the World of Spirits,  author J. G. H. Brown, asks the following question— 

Whose spirit will be proper and suitable to give the necessary information, as a revelation, on the experience of the second sphere, or regions of space, for insertion in the succeeding chapter?

He receives this somewhat singular but striking revelation from a spirit of the highest celestial orders— 

I am commanded to declare, for the guidance and instruction of man, that it is unnecessary to obtain revelations from any other spirits who inhabit the regions of space; they, having suffered for the deeds done in the flesh while passing through the first sphere of immortality, or atmospheric regions, are all equal in this sphere, as the last spirit has described, where all dwell in perfect harmony with each other. Still, they remain there for a period varying in length according to their past life and retain their worldly names and appearances in whatever state they were born. Those who lived both before and even ages after Cromwell's death have passed even from that sphere, whose lives were morally and virtuously spent, as all suffer only according to their deeds done in the flesh—and though all remain in the first sphere double the period of their natural and material lives, suffering indescribable horror, until they reach the first classes of that sphere, yet there are numbers in the second sphere still who departed before and since the period of Cromwell's death, and, notwithstanding their happiness and harmony, they all dread a future state, even from that sphere, and are continually passing from the first to the second sphere, and from the second to the succeeding one, which will be hereafter explained. I have given this, by command, as a confirmation of the assertions which the spirits of both regions have made to guide the rising generation of man.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807

The Second Sphere of Immortality

This singular but solemn revelation is given from the spirit of a man whose whole career, whilst living, impressed the minds of all with wonder and amazement; he, himself, being the champion of the people of the age in which he lived, and freed them from the yoke of oppression to which they were subject in the reign of the eccentric King Charles I—

The first immortal sphere being now passed,
Pain and worldly cares are ended; 
And though happiness, hitherto unknown, is experienced  
By all in this state; 
Yet, even, we dread the Future existence, 
Which all are aware will be experienced hereafter.


I am the spirit of Oliver Cromwell who departed from mortal life to immortality on the third day of September 1658, at the age of 59, and who, whilst living, devoted the early part of my life, in manhood, to the welfare of my country and mankind in general, in which I was assisted by spiritual communications from on high. And while 1 adhered strictly to the commands and injunctions I thus received, every undertaking in my experience prospered, and 1 was thereby enabled to surmount obstacles unparalleled in the biographical history of mortal man, until repeated success begat in me the feelings of ambition, which inspired me to endeavour to attain worldly aggrandisement, and this proving to be displeasing to Him who endowed me with the power, and being contrary to the commands I had received, I was cut off in the midst of my disobedience and my memorable career ended in a manner which defies history to unravel. But I am commanded to declare that my death was the result of my own hand, by imbibing that which prevented the continuance of existence. And thus ended my life at a moment when by obedience prosperity was before me and around me on every side, notwithstanding the fabulous reports which the ignorant historians have left concerning me. At the period of my death, I experienced similar pangs to those who have already described the sensations of their last moments. After which I passed through the same scenes of misery, in which I continued for a series of years, I am unable to describe, before reaching the first classes in which I enjoyed happiness, which is impossible to be described, on account of its imperfection, and where I continued in all the variegated stages of the first sphere full double the period of my natural and material life, every moment experiencing the dreadful apprehension of a future state, which all knew existed, but which none were able to explain; neither can any describe the manner by which each spirit makes its transit from one sphere to the other, as there is no communication between them, and though sleep never occurs, yet, as if awaking from a dream, I found myself again, as it were, transformed into life, bearing the same appearance as that which I wore during my mortal existence, and where I found myself mingled with myriads of beings, some of whom I knew in mortal life, and who had departed before and after me. And here I found that we are all permitted to indulge in harmless diversions, enjoying a species of equality beyond the comprehension of mortal man’s conception. For here there is no ambition, no oppression, and no angry feelings displayed amongst each other, but every want appears gratified without any apparent physical effort. Wish for music, or any other harmless enjoyment, it is at once within our reach. So, likewise, we are permitted to visit the scenes of life, or distant lands, or to indulge in any of the exercises we were accustomed to whilst upon the earth; all retaining our earthly names and earthly appearances, and all dwell in perfect harmony. Still, all know of a future state, and fear lest our condition from the present may be worse in the future; each remembering the horrors in the sphere he has left, and the knowledge of the sufferings of those below, and the dread of the future is the only barrier to perfect happiness. For we are perfectly conscious of the sufferings of those who are still in mortal life, together with those who have entered the first sphere of immortality; but we have no physical sufferings here, neither have we any darkness, but are permitted to pass through the immense regions of space, in which all nations, and all grades, and all classes of society dwell in happiness and harmony, without feeling or regretting the sufferings we have before endured. Therefore, let mankind take warning, and remember that though they must suffer for the deeds done in the flesh, yet I am commanded to declare to the world that there is no eternal suffering. So let man shake off the slavish fear of men, and walk humbly before their Creator. And that though they may be deprived of the comforts of life which God created for them, and that they must suffer while passing through the first sphere, yet after this, when attaining to the place of my present abode, all men shall enjoy happiness and harmony unexampled in mortal life; although at intervals the dread of the future causes depression to all. But I am still commanded to declare that the sorrows experienced here are in no wise to be compared with the sorrows of the happiest of men in mortal existence. My mission is now complete, spread it abroad for the guidance of others! Farewell!

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807

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A description of the atmospheric regions or the first sphere after death—

Here all must suffer, for their worldly sins,
And here progressive purity begins.


The aerial spheres are divided into three distinct classes, viz., the first, or atmospheric regions; the second, the regions of space; and the third, the seven aerial orders of the heavens or planets. The angel Michael, first ruler of the first aerial order of the sun, is chief ruler and governor over all the spirits in the aerial spheres, and from whom all the spirits receive their power, through his executives. Under him is the spirit Orion, a very powerful angel, who rules over all the spirits who inhabit the immense regions of space, receiving his power from the angel Michael. Under Orion is the spirit Corbynn, a powerful angel, who rules over all the spirits who inhabit the immense regions of space, receiving his power from Michael, through Orion, and he rules over all the most evil spirits in the atmospheric regions. Orion’s power extends over both the regions of space and the atmospheric regions, and all their power emanates from the great archangel Michiel, governor over all the spirits who inhabit both the celestial and aerial spheres and first ruler of the first celestial order of the sun, through his executive Gabriel. The archangel Michiel, being in direct communication with the Great Supreme Governor of all, has never been seen by any. In a Message from the World of Spirits, author, J. G. H. Brown, gives us the description of the first sphere as it was revealed to him. On the vision appearing, it first showed him the external appearance and form of the inhabitable globe without displaying any of the countries, inhabitants or habitations; the whole appearing an immense body of darkness around which was a space of a peculiar gloomy light that appeared distinctly separated from the substance of the earth or globe and terminated at a considerable distance in another place of darkness, but it being displayed upon a small scale, he could view the whole perfectly. 

This space of gloomy light is inhabited by the spirits who recently depart from mortal life to immortality, and from whence they are permitted to visit the scenes of their mortal existence, and places where they have sojourned whilst living, where they meet with those who departed immediately before them, whom they injured, or from whom they received injury whilst living; where, also, the taunts and reproaches of those who are still living reach them, though unconscious to the living themselves. This sphere or space is divided into twelve compartments, seven of which form the atmospheric regions of the seven primary planets, viz., the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn; these being the chief of the planets which influence the earth. The atmospheric regions of each of the seven planets contain eight distinct classes of spirits under the following designations, viz., Tyrants, Hypocrites, Murderers, Drunkards, Usurers, Infidels, Suicides, and the spirits of moral, virtuous, and good-living persons; the last-named being in the first classes, or farthest from the earth. This sphere is ruled and governed by the spirit Corbynn who has under him inferior angels that rule at the head of each class. These are spirits possessed of great evil power and who have great influence upon the earth, being gifted with the power of transformation and appearing in hideous forms upon the earth, impressing the minds of thousands of individuals with terror, and causing the belief in the existence of a devil, but who are in reality, as the spirits have declared, inferior angels gifted with this power, in certain limits, for the purpose of terrifying the wicked into a fear of death, and an hereafter existence.

These evil spirits, under the direction of Corbynn, their ruler, are occupied in conducting the punishment and occupation of the different classes of spirits under their charge, who, immediately after passing the first boundary of darkness after leaving the body, begin their progress of punishment and purification. But, when first leaving the body, they are only permitted to reach the darkness and not pass through it, to which place they are conducted by one of the spirits under Corbynn, where, after hearing the dreadful noises, which are beyond, as described in each spirits assertions, they then return to where their body has inhabited and remain amongst their old associates and scenes of life, for a period varying in accordance with their worldly stations. After which, they pass through the darkness and enter that portion of the atmosphere in which they endure the various stages of purification, according to the deeds done in the flesh. And it is only before passing the darkness alluded to that they retain the appearance they had whilst existing upon the earth, except when permitted to visit the scenes of life, from beyond the darkness; when they appear, if by their own accord, in their natural appearance, but if invoked or called from beyond the darkness, they invariably appear in loose garments varying in their colour according to their classes, stations, or conditions. It has been generally understood by astrological science that such planets produce the peculiarities in the characters of man and which, according to the classification, as given by the spirits, I believe to be correct; still we find, however, that there are all kinds of men and characters to each planet. For upon enquiry, I find that Sir Arthur Wellesley classes with the tyrants and is in the atmosphere of Mars; Dr Allen classes with the hypocrites and is in the atmosphere of Jupiter; Saville, the murderer, is in the atmosphere under Mercury; Motley, the drunkard is likewise in the atmosphere of Mercury and Reives, the usurer, is another in the atmosphere under Jupiter; while Ann Simpson is in the atmosphere under Venus; and I find there are infidels and suicides in the atmosphere under each planet; so likewise, of all the classified sins, of both sexes, there are spirits of each in the atmosphere of all the planets and so likewise there are the spirits of both sexes of moral and virtuous persons in the atmospheric regions under each planet. In like manner are the atmospheric regions of the Sun the abodes of the spirits of persons, who, whilst living, inhabited the most Eastern portion of the world and who are likewise divided into eight specific classes, the same as the other planets; while the atmospheric regions under the Moon are the abodes of the spirits of persons, who, whilst living, inhabited the dark regions of the North, or that portion of the world where the congenial influence of the Sun never reaches, and they are divided in like manner into classes with those of the other planets, in accordance with their grades of life whilst living; while the different spheres under Saturn are the abodes of spirits, who, whilst living, occupied the Southern portion of the world, or the coloured creation, who are in like manner divided as above, but with whom I have never held any communication, as I have mentioned in a little book on the science of the Crystal, entitled the Book of Knowledge. Still, however, the celestial spirits declare they are all God’s creatures and are subject to progression, in accordance with their lives, and who are the instruments of torment to countless numbers of their oppressors. The spirit Orion, who is the executive of Michael, has power over the higher classes of the atmospheric regions, as well as over all the immense regions of space and he is in direct communication with the angel Michael, the great aerial ruler. Having now given a thorough description of the manner in which the atmospheric regions are occupied, ruled, and governed, I will now endeavour to describe its appearance, or rather the appearance of the spirits who occupy it. They appear to be, as shown in the vision, continually passing each other; going in opposite directions with the swiftness of whirlwinds in continued circles; taunting and reproaching each other as they pass, yelling, howling, and screaming in the most distressing agony, as the spirits themselves have declared, but which it would be impossible accurately to describe. There is, however, a line of distinction between those of the four upper and four lower classes. The former apparently enjoy a degree of happiness, as their features appear cheerful and they are occupied in singing praises and in mirthful enjoyment but declare they experience sorrow in witnessing the sufferings of those below them; having no power to communicate with them; nor have those below them power to communicate with each other, only in reproaches and retaliation, which is no alleviation to any, and all dreading a future existence, even after this state. And, so it will be seen, that those whose lives are spent in devotion unto God and the welfare of their fellow creatures escapethe highest order of spirits have commanded me to declare to the people that, by refraining from their follies and vices, and repentance of their transgressions, in desisting from injuring their neighbours by oppression, or any other means, that even if the last days of their lives be devoted to His will, that though they must pass through the scenes described in the first sphere in immortality after their death, yet they shall speedily reach the first classes, whose only sufferings are the witnessing of others’ sufferings, and thereby decrease the period of the horrible torture they must otherwise experience, and so speedily reach the classes of those who enjoy happiness even in the first sphere, but who, nevertheless, experience a dread of the future, as they have no knowledge of anything beyond their own sphere. And thus far all their assertions prove the Divine wisdom and justice of a powerful but merciful Almighty God. In reference to the correctness of the astrological calculation of the different planets producing the diversification in the characters and dispositions of men, it is here proved beyond all possible doubt that such is really the case. And that a good planet being closely aspected by an evil one at the time of the birth of any person, and such person being born under the said good planet, the malign influence of such evil planet will alter the life of such person, and make him or her prone to such evils as the nature of such evil planet controls or governshence it is that the evil aspects produce the many peculiarities of persons who are born under the rule of good or benefic planets, while the good aspects of the benefics to the malefic planets better the characters and conditions of those persons who are born under their evil rule, and, although they declare that the period of their continuation in the first sphere exceeds double the period of their natural and material existence, yet it does not appear that they suffer all that time, for, in the first classes of the atmospheric regions, I find there are many persons who have been dead for sixty or eighty years whose only sufferings are the knowledge of the sufferings of others, and the dread of the future state. Amongst these classes I may here observe that there is George the Third, and several other noted public persons who existed in his day, viz. Lord Nelson, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and several noted murderers, and others who were publicly known, and who died before and after the period of George the Third, but whose names are unnecessary here to mention, as my desire is only to show that notwithstanding the considerable time which has elapsed since their death, they have not yet left the first sphere, although their extreme suffering appears to be ended, and they are again looking forward with dreaded apprehension to a future state. But, as they have no power to give any information or instruction respecting the next state of immortality, the next chapter will contain the assertions of spirits who inhabit that sphere, and having now given a thorough description, as far as is possible to find words to express it, of the exterior and interior description of the atmospheric regions of the first sphere of immortality. I must now call my readers attention to the perusal of the following chapter—

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807


The fool hath said in his heart there is no God,
Cut he is an infidel, and
The infidel and suicide shall
Have their portion with the drunkard and the murderer
In the world to come,
For their transgressions are likewise
An abomination to the Lord.


Do the sufferings of the infidel and suicide correspond with the sufferings of those already described, or is it necessary to insert a revelation from the spirits of each?

We are commanded to declare that the sufferings of the infidel are of the most horrible description, as he is continually witnessing the reality of that which, whilst living, he openly denied. His sufferings consist in receiving tortures and reproaches from those whom he endeavoured to persuade into the belief that the existence of a God and an hereafter were a fabrication, together with the taunts and reproaches of those whom he injured in life, with a terrible dread of the future, even from the sphere he inhabits, for on every hand he witnesses the awful realisation of a spiritual existence in immortality, dreading each successive moment’s revelation. The sufferings of the suicide are of a nature impossible to be described, but he, likewise, suffers at the hands of those whom he injured in life, and experiences all the pangs and tortures of a murderer, or one who has taken the life of another, for, in the very act of self-destruction, he has endeavoured to thwart the designs of his Creator and, therefore, must suffer the just reward of his actions, and he too dreads the experience of each successive moment’s revelation. This, then, is all that is necessary to be described on the seven classified sins of the spirits who inhabit the first sphere in immortality.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807

A Beautiful Spiritual Revelation

Be to each other kind and true 
As you would have men be to you.
Heed not the scoffs and jeers of men,
Nor raise your voice to rail again;
But strive to lead a virtuous life,
Avoid all broils and sinful strife;
And love thy neighbour, lend him aid,
Thou’lt be rewarded God hath said
And when thou leav’st this world of fate,
And enter’st through the mystic gate,
Amidst thy sorrows thou wilt sing 
Praise to the Great Eternal King,
The God of Earth and Lord of Skies,
Ever loving—just and wise.


A strange but emphatic revelation

That the Lord had given and the Lord had taken away, and that for His will she had lived, and was now prepared to resign her spirit into His hands; then, with a smile upon her countenance, closed her eyes in death

I have appeared by command of the highest powers to declare to the world the necessity of shrinking from the evils by which they are beset, and thus evade the sufferings they must endure at the hands of those they injure whilst living by not regarding the welfare and interest or looking with charity and sympathy of feeling on all their fellow creatures. I am the spirit of Ann Simpson who departed this life on the 22nd day of June 1827 in a secluded village in the county of Cambridge where I resided from my infancy and where on account of my disposition not to follow the dictates of the religious teachers by whom I was instructed, I was well known, and am still remembered; being hated by the rich and loved by the poor amongst whom I resided. As my career of charity is well known up to the period of my death, which occurred in my thirty-second year, I am only commanded to describe the sensation I experienced when quitting mortal life for immortality with my experience in entering the first sphere, and passage through it to my present abode, After a long and tedious suffering in which I experienced many privations, although I had given all my substance to those in need, yet few administered to my wants, and I bore the calamity with patience and resignation, knowing that the Lord had given and the Lord had taken away, and I praised His holy name. At length, as my strength decreased, I knew that the hour of death was at hand, and though I dreaded the sensation of its pangs, I had no fear as to the future, for I felt conscious that I had injured none wilfully and, therefore, resigned myself to the will of Him in whose presence I hoped shortly to be. I now felt a fainting sensation run through my body; a cold perspiration bedewed my face. My friends, who were with me, bent over me and, as if conscious that death had now stricken me, spoke kind and consolatory words but, though I heard distinctly, I was unable to reply. Another thrill of chillness seized upon me; my limbs became stiff and contracted; my eyesight left me; my ears filled with a sound as of the howling of a tempest; my breast heaved heavily; my heart turned cold and weighty, as if deluged with cold water; at the same instant, an explosive sensation occurred; a convulsive struggle followed, and the next instant all was over—the last pang had passed; pain had ceased, and troubles appeared at an end. I heard my friends utter the words, “She is dead,” and I endeavoured to assure them of the contrary, for my eyes were open and could perceive every object. I wondered at their assertions but was unable to make any reply. Still, however, 1 remembered the words; they sunk heavily upon my soul, but I did not understand my real position. As I lay reflecting upon the words I had heard, I felt myself removed from the place with a gentle hand, and at the same instant could see in every direction, and found myself passing through the air with the swiftness of lightning until I reached a place of darkness, which I cannot describe, where the most dismal and horrible sounds met my ears. I thought of the dreadful place of torment I had all my life endeavoured to evade. These thoughts, for the first time, assured me of my real position, and I knew that I was dead, and dreaded the experience I should undergo in the future, beyond the darkness. From this place, as if awakening from a dream, I found myself again in the room with my body, over which I wept, knowing it to be my own, and that to the world it was dead and motionless, yet I, a living perfect being, conscious of what had occurred and knowing that it must be returned to the earth to be no more seen. I, however, once more endeavoured with my will to raise the limbs but the effort was in vain and, as I stood weeping, I perceived standing by my side a female friend whom I had known in life and to whom I had administered necessaries and comforts when in need but who had died some four years previously. She led me from the apartment, endeavouring to console me, and told me that only for the dread of the future, she felt happy; then bade me farewell, but said we should meet again. I remained around and near my worldly home until the interment of my body; visiting familiar friends, but unable to reveal myself; flying from place to place at will, without making any physical effort. After remaining in this state for a time I am not able to describe, in which I met several friends who had departed before me, all of whom appeared happy but for the witnessing of the sufferings of others, and being compelled to assist in the administration of punishment on those whom they recognised as having suffered at their hands whilst living, without being enabled to hold communication with them—I again found myself within the darkness, where the horrible sounds once more reminded me of torment. After passing through this darkness, a scene of horror and confusion presented itself impossible to be described. Thousands of beings, some of whom I recognised, having known them whilst living, were yelling, howling, and screaming in the bitterest agony from the tortures they were inflicting upon one another, and I dreaded each moment's revelation. But, by following the direction of a light, the nature of which I do not have the power to describe, I found myself surrounded by groups of persons who were singing praises and rejoicing, and who came forward to greet me as I entered amongst them. Here I recognised old friends with whom I enjoyed indescribable happiness, for we are permitted to indulge in things corresponding with our lives upon the earth and the only barrier to our real happiness is that at times we are compelled to reproach those from whom we have suffered injury, whilst living, and continually witnessing the sufferings of others after we have thus far advanced through the first sphere of immortalitynor do we have the power to alleviate the sufferings or administer consolation to any beneath us. Still, we are at times permitted to visit the scenes of life, but having to pass through the tumult and strife, witnessing the miseries just described, it only adds to the mental grief and, therefore, seldom occurs. We all experience bitter anguish and reflection even here, and dread what the future state will be, all being aware of its existence. Therefore, let mankind take warning, for all must suffer, as there are none good, but the sufferings of those who lead a virtuous life whilst upon the earth will have no comparison with the sufferings of others whose lives have been spent in open rebellion to their Creator. Be assured, also, that loving kindness, charity, and sympathy of feeling will be rewarded in the world to come and instead of weeping and gnashing of teeth, there will be, for those who walk in the path of virtue, singing, rejoicing, and praising of God amidst the sorrows they feel at beholding the anguish others suffer who have lived lives mingled with follies and vices. Let all mankind remember that there is an everlasting existence in immortality, the beginning of which will be endured either in happiness or misery according to the natural or material lives of menbut we have no power to reveal anything beyond the sphere we inhabit, though all dread the future. My mission is now complete. Farewell.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807


Oh gold, thou pest of earth, a lasting curse;
For thee men will their honour sacrifice—
For plunder, fraud, or murder, which is worse,
Until their guilty spirit onward flies 
Unto a world where it can never sleep;
But shall with anguish groan and sorrow weep,
Till it has passed the first immortal sphere,
And to its Maker then is drawing near;
Where all its sorrows end in joy and peace,
And from all worldly cares it is released.


This declaration consists of the experience of death and immortality from the spirit of a man who, whilst living, was well known to be a hoarder of wealth or riches, and who would lend money on extortionate interest; he would, also, exact from those who had the misfortune to be in his power, the last farthing they possessed and, thereby, sink them into the bitterest poverty and wretchedness to assuage his lust for the glittering dross, which he worshipped as the only idol of his heart.

I am the spirit of Daniel Reives, who departed from mortal life to immortality in the month of November 1822, and the greater portion of my life was spent in the collection of gold to the detriment of those with whom my business transactions occurred. At the age of 65, I was confined to my miserable abode in the locality of Manchester where, after several weeks of severe suffering, I felt that the period of my existence was nearly ended. As I lay upon my bed of rags, my avarice for wealth having deprived me of even necessary comfort, I reflected and thought with the bitterest fear over my hidden treasures, which lay concealed beneath me, fearing lest those about me might detect its hiding place while I yet retained life. I had determined, however, that no relative should enjoy it, as they had treated me with contempt and disgust, thinking, on account of the wretchedness of my abode, that I was poor. Nevertheless, I had been enabled to lend money in secrecy to persons in need from whom I extorted enormous interest, and which, on account of my secrecy, remained unliquidated, haunting and harrowing my soul to the last moments. Yet, in a paroxysm of rage, I wrote a paper, consigning all I was worth to a person, between whom and myself no tie of relationship existed, who visited me in kindness, thinking I was poor. This was signed by my own hand, and by another person who visited me prior to my death. The person who signed and he who received are now living and can bear witness to these assertions. As the night approached, my sufferings increased, and, without any person near me, I felt the terrible sensation of a certainty that death was at hand. My treasures appeared, as it were, dancing before my eyes, as if taunting me in triumph at its passing into another’s hands. I continued in this manner without giving or being enabled to make any alarm, partially through hope and partially through fear of calling for assistance unnecessarily, thinking that my fear of death was a delusion, and hoping that I might recover. At length, I felt a cold twinging sensation run through my frame; my limbs then shook convulsively, and then stiffened as with cramp; my breast appeared as if burning with fire; a giddy sensation took possession of my brain; a noise—as the booming of heavy artillery—filled my ears; an explosive sensation occurred within my breast; my eyesight left me, and the next moment all was still—all pain had ceased, all care had vanished, and I felt perfectly conscious that the pang of death had passed, and wondered within myself what cause there was to fear it. How long I remained in this manner I am unable to say, but at length, as if awakened from a dream, my eyes opened, and I found myself gazing with horror upon the heap of lifeless mortality before me. I then understood my real position, knew I had experienced death, and smiled at the assertions of men; feeling that all worldly pain and trouble had ceased. With these thoughts, my gold recalled my attention to its hiding place. I tried to seize it, but its touch was as of coals of fire, which acted as an electric shock upon me. I, then, with my will, endeavoured to move the members of my body, but in vain, still knowing that they had obeyed its dictates. I then wept bitterly, and, as I still felt perfect, wondered what experience would next reveal. With these thoughts, I was torn from the room as if by magic, undergoing the same experience as others have described; suffering the taunts and reproaches of those whom I had injured whilst living. Returning to my wretched abode, I witnessed the interment of my body, and the strife between my relations in endeavouring to obtain my wealth; whose thoughts, though unconscious to themselves, mingled with the thoughts of others whom I had injured and hurled into poverty by my avarice, smote me with violence, and rebounded from off me with the most indescribable torment. After suffering thus for years, exposed to every species of remorse of conscience and torment from those who were still living, I was then passed through the most loathsome darkness, amidst the yells, screams, and howlings of myriads of beings, who appeared occupied in inflicting torture and torment upon each other, passing with the velocity of whirlwinds around the atmosphere of the globe, each enduring sufferings impossible to be described, at the hands of those whom they had injured in life, who departed before and after them; all inflicting and all receiving the most horrible torture; all accusing and all being accused; all empowered to retaliate, but none alleviating their sufferings thereby in the least. Alas! there are few on whom I have power to retaliate; nor is retaliation any alleviation to my sufferings, and though I frequently visit the scenes of life, which at the time appear happiness, yet they add to the mental torture. Therefore, declare to the world that the sufferings after death, in their mildest form, are beyond all earthly comprehension, and that tyranny, hypocrisy, murder, drunkenness, usury, infidelity and suicide all suffer in equal proportions, and can describe what I have been commanded to do. This is the extent I am permitted to reveal, and let man take warning from these words, and remember that to hoard wealth is to deprive their fellow creatures of that which the Lord of All has created for them, and that all who have suffered hunger or want at their hands whilst living will be to them instruments of torture after death. Let all men learn there is an everlasting existence in immortality in which all must suffer according to their deeds, and in which all must dread the future, even after death. Farewell! Take warning! My mission is now complete.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807